Who is the Retirement Genius?

Retirement Genius - Seniors Advocate & Long Term Care Expert

Senior Finance & Care!

Chris has worked throughout his life to find creative financial and health solutions to enable Seniors to enjoy their life and family.

As I began my career, I was blessed to have the opportunity to work for the White House and then for the Senate Majority Leader on Capitol Hill. From there, I spent the next several years working as a Senior Advocate and lobbyist in Washington, D.C.

As I worked on Healthcare reform and Long-Term Care issues, I saw the enormous financial crisis facing our country which directly impacts Seniors and their families in need of Long-Term Care.

It became obvious how unfair the Long-Term Care system had become, particularly for middle class Americans. In 2007, I left Washington D.C. and decided to take action by launching a new company to do something about it called Life Care Funding, whose primary focus was providing financial options for Seniors.

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Senior Advocate for Financial Security for Long Term Care!

    • Want to know more about making the most out of your dollars?

    • Want to know more about how to handle the eventual need for long-term care?

    • Want to know more about financial secrets that specifically benefit seniors?

    • Want to know more about finding health and happiness in your Golden Years?

Just look for a topic on Retirement Genius, and then you will find helpful short videos, information summaries, articles and additional resources to help you access the right solutions for you! We also have taken the time to research and introduce you to who I believe are some of the best financial, retirement and senior living options out there to help you that I’m sure you will be glad to meet.

Life Insurance Carrier’s Reaction

Senior Rights Advocate!

Many political organizations control Senior’s benefit programs in the United States!

  • Education: Life Insurance as a financial strategy.

  • The Press : Coverage promoting the Long Term Care benefits.

  • Laws : Legislation across the country

  • State Laws : Life Insurance Long Term Care Tax Benefits

  • Congress : Long Term Care Seniors Health Savings Accounts

How can the “Retirement Genius” help Seniors?

We are now working with Financial Professionals, Advisers, Life Insurance Agents and families throughout the country to provide Retirement and Long Term Care options for their clients and love ones.

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Are you a Retirement or Financial Adviser to Senior clients?

Are you a Long-Term Care Administrator or Senior Caretaker?

Do you care for Senior or Elderly Family Members?

retirementgenius - chris orestis - America's #1 Seniors Advocate

Financial, Insurance, Life Settlement and Long-Term Care programs provide solutions for Seniors who need financial help today!

I thank those of you who have worked with us over these years; and I invite all of you to become a part of our community helping families overcome what can be one of the most trying times of their lives.

~ Chris Orestis

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