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“The most powerful force in the Universe is Compounding Interest – Albert Einstein ”

An entire American generation in Financial Destress!

American’s consume more products, goods and services than any other nation, through the purchase of large homes, expensive cars, luxury vacations and garages packed with items not used in years.

In February, 2020, American total household debt exceeds $14 trillion dollars, reaching a new record high. Consumer’s Mortgage balances rose to $9 trillion dollars, and the average household holds around $10,000.

Many Baby Boomers and Seniors Retirement Savings has dwindled to less than $100,000 with many having little to no Retirement Strategy at all.  This incredible shortfall in Retirement Funds creates a unique problem due to the excessively large number in Baby Boomer generation, with much of private and government resources being allocated towards Long Term Care for Seniors and Baby Boomers.


Seniors and Baby Boomers Heavy Financial Burden

Senior’s and Baby Boomer’s Retirement Planning has become exceptionally difficult to establish a Financial Plan for Retirement, Long Term Care, or Health Care because of the increasing high debt burden of both private citizens and the United States government. Many Seniors question the Long Term viability of government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and most importantly, Social Security.

The RetirementGenius works with Seniors and Baby Boomers priorities around Financial Planning, Health Insurance, and Long Term Care cost.

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